Which type of Surrogacy is right for me?

At Surrogate Mothers, Inc., we offer a variety of surrogacy options.  You can select (or become) a surrogate in the artificial insemination program–where the surrogate is artificially inseminated with sperm from a single man or the husband of a couple; in the embryo transfer program, where the couple’s sperm and eggs are combined and the resulting embryos are transferred to a surrogate; or in the embryo transfer program with an egg donor, where sperm from the man is combined with eggs from an egg donor, and the embryos transferred to a surrogate.  Which program you choose depends on several things:  whether you want a child that is biological related to both the husband and the wife (if that is even an option for you), where you are located, how much you can afford to spend for the medical procedures, how comfortable you are with your surrogate, and what your goals are for your infertility-related issues.  At Surrogate Mothers, Inc., we offer a variety of alternatives to infertility, and we are happy to discuss all options with you.  We have many wonderful surrogates and egg donors from across the country who are available to carry your child, and we welcome the chance to explain to you why Surrogate Mothers, Inc. is the most reputable surrogacy program in the world.

Feel free to contact me, Steve Litz, directly at (317) 996-2000 or you may email me at scl@surrogatemothers.com

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Why Choose our Surrogate program?

There are many surrogacy programs on line as well as throughout the country.  You have a wide variety of choices when considering which surrogate mother program to work with.  Your absolutely most important question, however, should always be, “Which program will best protect me and ensure the greatest likelihood of success with my surrogate mother?”  SMI has been working with clients from across the world for the past 25 years.  We are the world’s most reputable surrogate program that has never had a case of failed surrogacy.  We screen our surrogates as thoroughly and rigorously as any program anywhere.  Most importantly, we are recognized as industry leaders in ensuring that all legal work is done properly and that your interests are always protected.  We have never had a surrogate change her mind and try to keep the child (except once–and PLEASE, PLEASE CALL ME so I can explain to you why this case was so strange and why it actually once again proved that our program is the best anywhere, and why this was not a case of failed surrogacy, but a case of failed parenting) and we have never had a couple back out of an arrangement.  So, even though I always represent only the client who chooses a surrogate, we also always protect our surrogates and make sure that this is the most enjoyable experience for them.   So, why choose Surrogate Mothers, Inc.?  Because we know what we’re doing; we care about you and your family-to-be, and we have an untarnished reputation as the most comprehensive, responsible, and professional surrogacy program in the world.  Questions?  Call me–Steve Litz–directly at

(317) 996-2000, or go to our website at www.surrogatemothers.com.  We’re here for you, whether you’re looking for a surrogate, or thinking about becoming a surrogate or an egg donor, we’re here to guide you through every step of the process, and we’re here to see that this succeeds for you in every sense of the word.

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Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to Surrogate Mothers, Inc. blog!  This is my, AND YOUR, opportunity to discuss infertility issues, issues about our surrogate program (and surrogacy in general), and anything else that will make your surrogacy experience more enjoyable and worthwhile.  Over the coming days and weeks, we will be adding to this blog with articles that should be of interest to anyone considering becoming a surrogate or selecting one.  SMI’s website has been revamped to make it much more surrogate-friendly.  We now have more women available, and better quality surrogates available, then ever before.  We also have dozens of quality egg donors available.  Feel free to contact Steve Litz, SMI’s director, at (317) 996-2000 or you can email me at scl@surrogatemothers.com for more information about joining our wonderful family of the most generous women in the world who have become surrogates, or about working with someone who will bring you the gift of life!  I am always available to answer any of your questions at anytime.  We look forward to hearing from you, and to welcoming you into our program.

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